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Corporate culture

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Corporate culture

Heart and soul: it is the unity of attitude and action, the devotion of the whole body, and all my faith.

Core concept

Cultural idea: achievement dream, share the future

Business philosophy: the pursuit of a high starting point; the pursuit of zero defect quality

On the cost of the pursuit of zero waste; delivery on the pursuit of zero wait

Safety concept: would rather thousand times to repeat, not an oversight

Service concept: transposition thinking, show sincere

Management concept: outstanding process constraints, emphasizing the implementation of efficiency

Environmental protection idea: to seek the harmonious development of enterprise nature and human

Survival concept: the survival of the results is the goal; the results of the change in life, achievements of enterprises

The idea: beyond ourselves, we can do better

Marketing concept: keep on carving, promises to sell themselves, sell products;

Brand concept: brand value, value created wealth

Work concept: act now, not to drag; pragmatic and efficient, excellence

Life philosophy: love poly people, broad people; first rate, self serving people

Using the concept: position first, ability second

Salary concept: performance is rewarded, no performance is a disgrace

Organizational philosophy: creating a platform to help employees grow rapidly

Promotion concept: to create results, to have both ability and political integrity, promotion

Achievement idea: the average person pursues the goal, the outstanding person goes beyond the goal, the remarkable person creates the miracle

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