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  The company started in 1996, ZTE road is located in Zhejiang County of Pujiang Province Huang Town No. 11. Covers an area of 37 square meters (24692 square meters), construction area of 34988 square meters, with a total investment of 80000000 yuan. The company mainly produces automobile, motorcycle, and engineering machinery friction film, the variety has reached more than 1600 kinds, is the largest production base of the front plate, has become China's brake piece manufacturing industry leader, for the Jinhua automobile and Motorcycle Industry Association governing units.

  The company has passed TS16949 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, professional services in the automotive OEM and aftermarket, is now available in 1600 different models of non asbestos free environmental protection cars, buses, heavy vehicles, engineering machinery, motorcycles and bicycles. Company's main products through the United States AMECA certification, E-MARK certification, RoHS certification, more than 500 products to obtain the EU R90 ECE- certification, car brake lining has more than 200 kinds of specifications, bus brake lining has more than 40 kinds of specifications through the European E-MARK certification, 5 kinds of material through the United States AMECA certification, in the domestic leading position.

  The company has enterprise technology center, building area of more than 2000 square meters, the total fixed assets of 970 million yuan, with passenger vehicles bench test machine, car bench test machine, hot compression expansion testing machine, universal testing machine and geometric pressure six station press, three coordinate measuring machine, video projectors and other advanced experimental testing equipment more than 50 sets. Technology Center under the physical and chemical analysis, friction and wear, physical performance testing, bench testing, mold development, equipment development, has the raw material testing analysis, friction material development, mold development, special equipment and mechanical hand development capabilities, product performance testing and quality consistency can be fully guaranteed.

Company laboratory with international advanced standards and docking capabilities, commercial vehicles using ISO26865\ISO26866 standards; car J2521\SAE J2522 AK, MASTER SAE standards.

  Company is a well-known domestic automobile brake film production enterprises, with advanced full set of friction material production equipment. With advanced automatic mixing batching system, 170t, 200t, 400t hydraulic machine more than 70 taifen, curing oven, surface grinder, porous drill, slotting machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, chamfering machine, grinding arc, inner arc grinding, automatic oven, spray machine, shot blasting machine, coating machine, machine industry and trade, dusting and packing line several, automatic mixing material distribution system well ensure product consistency, the independent design of Korea BT equipment greatly submitted the production efficiency and the quality is stable. Equipment has been designed to meet the 6000000 sets of annual production capacity.

  Company equipment manufacturing and technical transformation of the power is abundant, equipped with specialized engineering and technical professionals, according to the product characteristics and quality requirements, on the production line of independent design and the transformation that has begun to making the transformation of the manipulator, and have the machine substitutions of the independent research and development capacity.

"The creation of an international influential hundred years enterprise" is our mission, "the achievement of the dream, sharing the future" is our cultural idea. "With all my heart, I believe I do", I hope that the future development of all the way you have me, we grow together!

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